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Cooking, wine, or career advice - we've got it all! Just ask an expert!

Career Advice Cooking Help
Jeremy Emmerson, executive chef and founder of GlobalChefs.coml is on hand to help you with your career questions. (more) Techniques, recipes and methods- author & executive chef of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Cancun - Rainer Zinngrebe is waiting to help... (more)
What's Your Wine Question? So You Want To Be A Chef?
If you are planning a party, looking for a fantastic wine recommendation or need assistance pairing wine and food - ask our wine guy Pierre Lasserre. (more)
Are you thinking of going to cooking school? Do you want to know what cooking school is like or do you need to know what high school classes, experience or background will assist you now for a future in the world of cooking? Then ask Kate... (go)

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