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Hot Smoked Salmon
recipe fileappetizershot smoked salmon
Hot Smoked Salmon
Serves Ten
10 x 2oz Slices of Smoked Salmon (3" Long)
20oz Herb Salad (Mizuna,Frisse, Cilantro,Flat Parsley & Snipped Chives)
20 Cherry Tomatoes
2 Peppers (Red & Yellow)

5oz Red Pepper Vinaigrette.. (1 Roasted Red Pepper, skinned & Seeded, 2 Tsp Dijon Mustard, 1oz Red Wine Vinegar, 3 0z Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper)

3oz Wasabi Vinaigrette.. (1oz Wasabi Mustard, 1 Egg Yolk, 1 lime juiced, 2oz Salad Oil, 1 tsp Honey, Salt Pepper & A Touch of Sesame Oil)

3 oz Lime Vinaigrette.. (2 Limes Juiced, 2oz Salad Oil, Salt & Pepper)
10 Pieces of Chive

Hot Smoked Salmon With Mizuna Salad And Wasabi Vinaigrette

Chef Robert Cowley

1.Wash the herb salad & cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters.2. Slice the Red & yellow peppers into rings & place into iced water.
3. Create the red pepper vinaigrette; Roughly chop the red peppers, place in a blender with the mustard & red vine vinegar. Blend into a paste & incorporate the oil, season to taste & strain through a fine strainer.
4. Now the wasabi vinaigrette; Blend the mustard, egg yolk & lime juice. Incorporate the salad oil & season.
5. And finally for the dressings make the lime vinaigrette; whisk the lime juice & oil, season to taste.
6. Toss the herb salad, cherry tomatoes, sliced peppers with the lime vinaigrette Plate the salad in a tight neat pile.
7. Flash grill the salmon ensuring it is cooked medium rare, sit the salmon on top of the salad. Drizzle the red pepper vinaigrette around the plate & streak the wasabi vinaigrette across the plate. Garnish with a long cut chive...

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