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Ask An Expert
Cooking Question?
Techniques, recipes and methods. Rainer Zinngrebe executive chef of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is here to help.
(read on)
What's Your Wine Question?
Got a wine question? Then asked the best looking French Guy in Chicago - Pierre Lasserre. (read on)

Do You Think You Want To Be A Chef?

Are you thinking of going to cooking school? Do you want to know what cooking school is like or do you need to know what high school classes, experience or background will assist you now for a future in the world of cooking? Then ask Kate... (read on)

Professional Chefs with Questions

If you have been cooking for a while and need a sounding board, ask Jeremy.
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Coming soon - version 3.0! But while you are waiting here are some great articles from the past!
Aprilish 2009
Check Out Who's Coming To Chat and are is proud to host James Peterson in a three day Q&A forum April 16 - 18. You must be a registered member of in order to particpate in the forum. Registration is free and you can sign up. (here...)
Sushi & Sashimi Without Sake
The super wine savvy - Christophe Le Chatton, makes a couple of alternative suggestions for wines that work well with sushi and sashimi. (more...)
Chef Nancy Oakes
Check out this great interview from 2006 with San Francisco chef Nancy Oakes.
Where Are Your Amigos?
If ya wanna laugh, give this one a read! (more...)
Trip To Tsukiji
The trip has become a ritual tour which we are always complaining about taking until it is over and we have another trip under our belts. We all meet at the hotel at 5:30-5:45am, grab a coffee, and jump in a cab and go.
All About James Peterson
James Peterson grew up in northern California and pursued a degree in Chemistry at UC Berkeley. After his studies, he traveled around the world, working his way from Japan to Hong Kong, to Bangkok, to India and eventually, by land, to... (more...)
Eating Out - A Lesson For Every Chef
As a chef's career progresses the learning curve begins to flatten out. A theory that holds some truth however. (more...)
Chris Cosentino Cooks Wild Fennel
Wild fennel grows freely in Italy, Sicily and some parts of the US. In this article Chris Cosentino put the wild stuff to work. (more...)

Fish & Chips
The greatest British tradition revealed. (more...)

Canadian Wine -A Budding Future
Canadians have been producing wine for several centuries. However, the thought of premium production from traditional European vinifera vines was given little thought until the mid 1970's. (more...)

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