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Learning on the Job
career centerlearning on the job
Learning comes in many forms. In an ideal world we would only learn through positive experiences, in other words we would learn though the actions of ourselves and others, and see results that benefited all. We would then go on to repeat these actions confident in the knowledge that we were going to make the work place better and in the long run put ourselves in a good light.
Learning From Positive and Negative Experiences

Career GuyThe reality of life is that we all end up making a bad decisions or working for someone who makes bad calls. Leaving the team feeling less than "gung ho". So what is my point?

When you make the wrong decision, analyze why it was a bad call and learn from it. If you work for someone that shows bad judgment or demoralizes the team, identify what they do wrong. Make sure that when you are in their position you do not follow in their foot steps. We can all learn from our mistakes but better still, and less painfully learn from the mistakes of others. Evaluating all situations with a positive frame of mind will make you a better leader.

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