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Getting Promoted
career centergetting promoted
Getting promoted is most chefs idea of a good day at the office. Whether you are an executive sous chef striving to be the chef, or a pantry cook/ commis looking for your move to the hot kitchen. I have a suggestion that might assist in the execution of your mission.
Getting Promoted

Career Guy First of all the most important part of this is to be doing what you are supposed to do, and doing it well. You have to know your job inside out, become an expert. If you are now an expert and this is reinforced by other people's opinion, then move on to stage two.

Stage two, start learning the job that you want. Do your work and then start doing someone else. Learn their job inside out. Ask loads of questions. Pick the brains of the guy who is working that position right now. The key here is to let that person show you, do not try and introduce too many of your own opinions, there will be plenty of time for that when the job is your own.

Now wait for your chance, let it be known that you are interested in a certain position. Let your supervisor see your enthusiasm and knowledge of that position. This will in turn give your supervisor a little more comfort in the idea of moving you. Make yourself "the naturally assumed replacement."

This concept changes little as you move up the management ladder. The only difference is you need to build trust with not only those you supervise but those who supervise you. As sous chefs get promoted in the majority of operations, the G.M and planning committee/ executive committee will have some input. So be sure to know who those people are and build confidence (not brown nose) with those people. In the absence of your boss become "the naturally assumed leader."

Think as your boss would think, take control of situations and never undermind those who will be pushing for your promotion.

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