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Be prepared and focused.
Get that job
Now that your well written resume has put you in place for an interview it is time to land the position that you have been looking for, so do yourself a favor and don't blow it. I seem to have been on a run lately with interviewees. They have been coming through the door looking like they just walked off a construction site and are interviewing for our kitchen during their lunch break. It has got to the point where I am getting suspicious of candidates that are well groomed; I keep thinking that they must have something to hide. So here is Globalchefs quick tips for raising a positive eye brow or two for your date with the Chef:

Appearance. It is the first statement you will make, put on that suit or at least the nearest thing to it (tux' would be just a little too much though).Shake hands, make eye contact. Guys you've got to shave, not too much make up for ladies (and some of you boys I guess). Lose the gum and don't smell of cigarettes.

Homework. Find out a little about the establishment you are going to. If it is a hotel, how many rooms and restaurants does it have? How much banquet space? For restaurants and hotels alike, know about the Chef, his/her name (always a good start) and their style of food. Find out what awards perhaps the restaurant and Chef have earned. It always amazes me when candidates inform me of their strong desire to work in your joint and when you ask them what they know about it, it's nada. If the business is part of a corporation know something about that too.

Preparation. Get ready to answer some basic questions. Why you want to work there? What are your strengths? What do you enjoy about cooking? What food do you like? Which area in the kitchen
are you interests you most? Have some questions ready to ask the
interviewer. Ask them what they enjoy about working there. Why they think their kitchen is a great place to work. What they have learnt since they have worked there.

Finally relax, it's just an interview...

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