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Ask An Expert
Cooking Question?
Techniques, recipes and methods. Rainer Zinngrebe executive chef of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is here to help.
(read on)
What's Your Wine Question?
Got a wine question? Then asked the best looking French Guy in Chicago - Pierre Lasserre. (read on)

Do You Think You Want To Be A Chef?

Are you thinking of going to cooking school? Do you want to know what cooking school is like or do you need to know what high school classes, experience or background will assist you now for a future in the world of cooking? Then ask Kate... (read on)

Professional Chefs with Questions

If you have been cooking for a while and need a sounding board, ask Jeremy.
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Febuary/March 2009
The Big Talk and are pleased to announce a Q&A forum with Bruce Aidells February 11 - 13. (click here to register...)
Competition Time - What Shape Are Bundt Cakes?
This month. Enter to win one of three copies of The Sweeter Side of Amy's Bread. Just answer this one simple question. (go...)
Sip & Celebrate
Here's a smashing cocktail to enjoy over the holidays, celebrate New Year's Eve or drink because you can!
Taste This!
Sample Cranberry Beans with Sage from In Seasons by Sarah Raven. (more...)
Sustainable Sushi
Blue Ocean Institute, Environmental Defense Fund, Monterey Bay Aquarium collaborate to promote ocean-friendly selections... (more...)
The Skinny On Bruce Aidells
Bruce Aidells is America's "go-to guy" for all issues involving meat and meat cookery. (more...)
Websites I Like
Check out these three little charmers, fab websites for foodies. (more...)
Get Involved With GlobalChefs
Are you a budding writer, or a chef who would like to have their work featured? (more...)

Healthy Pumkin Bread Recipe
Vermont Pumpkin-Cranberry Loaf using some Eggology technology. (more...)

Help Wanted:
Seeking an unconventional, autumn fruit. (more...)
Featured Recipe
From The Sweeter Side of Amy's Bread.
Waiter Hater?
It's an old one but a good one, Gordon in fine form (BTW, not one for the kids to see)

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