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Decomposed Cooking...
environmental kitchendecomposed dooking...

November 2002
Nearly every chef feels a periodic pang of guilt when they consider how much food they waste during the course of a day's business. But now Chicago chefs' guilt can be eased thanks to a new program that has been launched by the Resource Center. This local organization is offering to remove and recycle trimmings, food waste and plate scrapings from the city's restaurants. Its destination? Their compost heap.

After one year the food will have decomposed and will be used to enhance the soil of the organization's inner city farm projects. The farms produce crops of heirloom tomatoes, beets and carrots to name but a few. Who buys these crops? Yes, you've guessed it, the city's restaurants. At last a non-medical cure for every chef's conscience...

Interested parties can contact Ken Dunn for further information: 773-758-1351

Written By: Jeremy Emmerson

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