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environmental kitchen archive pest, disease, and weed control?
Pest, disease, and weed control?

How do they fertilize? Organic farmersí primary strategy in controlling pests and diseases is prevention. Organic farmers build healthy soils fertilizing and building soil organic matter through the use of cover crops, compost, and biologically based soil amendments. This produces healthy plants which are better able to resist disease and insect predation. Organic farmers also rely on a diverse population of soil organisms, insects, birds, and other organisms to keep pest problems in check. When pest populations get out of balance, growers will implement a variety of strategies such as the use of insect predators, mating disruption, traps, and barriers. As a last resort, botanical or other nontoxic pesticides may be applied under restricted conditions. Weeds are controlled through increased cultivation, as well as through cover crops, mulches, flame weeding, crop rotation and similar management methods.

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