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environmental kitchenarchivepesticide residues
Pesticide Residues
Increased Pesticide Residues in the soil and on crops contrary to biotech industry propaganda, recent studies have found that US farmers growing GE (GMO) crops are using just as many toxic pesticides and herbicides as conventional farmers, and in some cases are using more. Crops genetically engineered to be herbicide-resistant account for 70% of all GE crops planted in 1998. The so-called "benefits" of these herbicide-resistant crops are that farmers can spray as much of a particular herbicide on their crops as they want--killing the weeds without damaging their crop. Scientists estimate that herbicide-resistant crops planted around the globe will triple the amount of toxic broad-spectrum herbicides used in agriculture. These broad-spectrum herbicides are designed to literally kill everything green.The leaders in biotechnology are the same giant chemical companies--Monsanto, DuPont, AgrEvo, Novartis, and Rhone-Poulenc--that sell toxic pesticides. These companies are genetically engineering plants to be resistant to herbicides that they manufacture so they can sell more herbicides to farmers who, in turn, can apply more poisonous herbicides to crops to kill weeds.

Information provided with the help of Ronnie Cummins Organic Consumers Association
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