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We all face this one; whether you run a small operation or a large one keeping your crew is a huge challenge. The first thing that we need to look at is what do people work for. I believe it is three things that make boys and girls get out of bed and come to work and cook...

Career Feature - Staff Retention

The Learning Experience - this is true from the top down, but even more so at the lower levels. In quality hotels and restaurants pay is typically less than in a more commercial operation. They stomach this on the understanding that they will learn more and thus be compensated in the long term. It is therefore important that to fulfill this requirement and these guys get taught as much as they can absorb...

Cash- this was mentioned in the paragraph above, with the amount an entry-level cook would earn however it does no warrant too much ink. What I will say is if you promise a pay increase is clear about how much and when the glorious day will be…….

Fun! - This final one is a strong personal belief of mine that I would argue forever. I do not ever remember jumping out of bed and running to work brimming with the excitement of working for a miserable old bastard. Make work fun! Obviously you need to control this, your gang needs to know when to get their heads down and work and when it's cool to lighten up. I think that being good is a serious business but you don't have to be serious to be good..

If you believe my philosophy then I would hope that you remain well staffed. The better staffed you remain the less people become burnt out and longer they stay. This is the point when you have to move to maintain mode. Raise your game, stretch your guys, cross train and develop them.

As a foot note, none of this matters if you do not stay true to the fundamental rules of running a kitchen; fair treatment, safe and clean work environment, consistent work hours, decent uniform, quality products, a team culture and honesty…

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