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Have you been doing the same job for a few months, and now you think you know your station (section to you Brits) and it is time to move to a new area? Is it all getting a bit boring and you are losing interest? Well, maybe it is time to go deeper.
Go Deeper

I am sure most of you do a good job at what you do, but there is a difference between good and great. I think that the road to being great is a little bit longer and upon occasion a little more tedious than some might like. The long term results pay off though. So my point is before you say you are ready to move on, take a step back and look at what you do an a daily basis.

Strive for perfection, could that concasse be cut better can you set up faster each day, can you shave a few seconds off your personal best at filleting a salmon leaving less flesh on the bone. Find out more about the product that you use, where are they grown what is the best time of year to buy them, how much do they cost where are they grown. How about the taste of your food. Work on flavor, analyze what you do refine it become an expert at what you do.

Nothing makes a better kitchen manager than someone who really knows what they are talking about (no comments please), and there is only one way to figure out the answers and that is by repetition. So don't be frustrated go a little deeper...

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