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gourmet articlescooking tips from the pro's
February 2003
The flavor of your cooking is in your hands... with help of salt and pepper. In this month's issue of tips from the pro's we look at when to grind and when to sprinkle.

Season from a great height!
I once heard Marco Pierre White make this statement. But it is the best way to get a good even layering of seasoning on to a piece of meat, fish or chicken.

Sea Salt
Sea salt or kosher is the best salt to use for cooking - leave the table salt for someone else's table...

Grind Your Own

Use freshly ground pepper - not pre ground. Use a pepper mill or if you are in a commercial kitchen, buy a spice grinder (an inexpensive coffee grinder will do the job).

Soup Too Salty?
When you over season a soup or stew, you can always remove some of the salty taste by adding potato. Either add a whole peeled potato to the creation, continue the cooking process and discard the potato before serving or add diced potatoes and include them as part of the dish.

When To Use White Pepper?
Use white pepper to season fish. If you use black pepper it will leave black speckles on the fish and you diners will think that your pans are dirty!

Don't Season Your Stock
When making stocks never add any salt. If you do you may find by the time you have reduced the stock to a sauce consistency it is too salty.

Advanced Seasoning
I like to season meat about ten minutes before putting it in the pan. This gives the seasoning a chance to penetrate and produce a more flavorful product.

Fleur de Sel
A teeny sprinkle goes a long way; only use this flavorful salt for finishing dishes. Sprinkle it on to cut meats, fish and terrines.

Just Like Mother Said
You can always add but never take away. Be cautious when adding seasonings. Taste as you go…

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