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October 2002
Flashing banners, popup windows, email solicitation and crap content. The eight words that come to mind during the search for a food and wine portal.

If you find substance in my statement, you will have probably given up your personal quest for such a site. If this is the case then you will enjoy this month's Media Watch as we focus our attention to

A couple of months ago I came across SauteWednesday. The site is published by food junkie Bruce Cole. Every Monday and Thursday he hand picks and posts snippets of food articles that he has discovered during the week, offers his fearless thoughts on the work of food and wine writers, invites readers to respond to his comments and displays links to the best newspapers, chefs, food writers, cooking magazines and culinary websites that can be found on the Internet. SauteWednesday's site has recently been redesigned. It is very clean and uncluttered, there is no advertising and nothing for sale - just lots of good information.

For Cole SauteWednesday is a personal hobby that has blossomed in to something bigger than he ever dream of, "I started my site after getting tired sending out a list of links to food articles in a weekly email to all my foodie friends," the creator explains. "I figured it would be easier to just list all the links on a web page where everyone could find them. So I started SauteWednesday. I came up with the name of the site because I wanted to refer to the Wednesday food sections that come out in most newspapers. I needed something catchy, and SauteWednesday kinda rhymes, so I stuck with it."

Cole's love of food and passion for culinary-journalistic self expression keeps the momentum going at SauteWednesday, " I'm one of those people who thinks about food, oh, say 23 hours a day - I could talk about it all day too." Cole explains. "So I decided to write my own little column on whatever is in the 'food news', which is the basis of the 'blog' portion of my site. Thanks the notoriety of my column, I've actually scored a real writing gig with a new local San Francisco magazine called '7 x 7'. I'm writing a restaurant and food news piece (new restaurant openings, food/wine events, etc.), plus little side bars on items we think are cool. Kind of hard to believe, to tell you the truth. I've always wanted to write, because I think I have a unique opinion on the food world, and there's so much food fluff out there, that somebody needs to speak up and say something real."

And that is exactly what you will find at

Written by: Jeremy Emmerson

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