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When fresh just isn't good enough…
"make mine a live one"
gourmet articleswhen fresh just isn't good enough
The best sushi and sashimi is based around using premium, super fresh seafood. This concept has been taken to another level at Chicago's hottest Japanese restaurant - Heat, where fresh just isn't good enough.

Heat's sushi bar is alive, literally, as its foundations comprise of a series of fish tanks. Offering patrons the opportunity to select a live fish of their choice, witness its capture and marvel at its preparation.

Once the sushi chef has worked his magic the expertly sliced fish is served, with its carcass as garnish. The occasional twitching of the bones and teeth grinding - in the case of the mighty blowfish I sampled; serve as testament to its freshness.

Here is how it is done…

1. Select the live fish. 2. Score the tail and head.

3. Remove the fillets. 4 . Wash the carcass and blowfish fillets.
5. Eliminate any pin bones and peel off the outer layer of sinew. 6. Slice the fillets, cutting towards the tail.
7. Fill a chilled serving bowl with crushed ice, place the blowfish bones and head on it, garnish with shredded carrot, daikon radish, lemon slices and sautéed monkfishliver. 8. Arrange the blowfish slices on the serving dish and flavor with a touch of fresh lemon juice and chopped chives. Serve ponzu sauce for dipping.

Heat Restaurant,
1507 N. Sedgwick St.
IL 60610.
Ph. 312 397 9818

April 2002

Written & Photographed by: Jeremy Emmerson

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